Original Opal Merkaba Charm Necklace on 14K Yellow Gold Chain

Shantica Jewelry

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Original MerKaBa charm necklace. Size of the Merkaba pendant is 8mm and it comes with 16 inch 14K yellow gold chain. Available also in 14K white gold A POWERFUL TOOL FOR MEDITATION!!! MerKaBa is a term that, in Hebrew, means "chariot" and in ancient Egyptian translates into: MER= rotating fields of light; KA= spirit; BA= soul. The MerKaBa is the energy field that exists around every living thing throughout the Universe. When the MerKaBa is activated around a person's body, it will result in deeper contact with his/her Higher Self, give an unparalleled protection and will strengthen every aspect of life. A perfect gift for a loved one or a magnificent addition to your own collection.