Kabbalah Ring for Success and Prosperity Sterling Silver & Gold, Unisex

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Kabbalistic Power Ring - This amazing unique ring is made according to the Kabbalah. The ring has One of G_d's name - Samech, Aleph, Lamed; (for Success, Prosperity and Good Fortune!) This beautifully designed ring is a strong meditation tool as well. The ring is made of Sterling Silver and the Kabbalah letters are in 14K gold, as well as the belts around the ring. The ring has four tubes (2 smooth, 2 swirled) made of sterling silver. This ring can be also ordered as four swirled tubes (see picture for other styles) or all smooth tubes OR mixed as shown. You can order this ring in any size you like between size 7 to size 14.5 including half sizes and I'll prepare it exactly as ordered. Please allow 8-10 days to prepare your ring. Give the person you love a truly unique gift! Unisex. CUSTOM ORDER: If requested this ring can be also ordered with any of the following Kabbalah names: Aleph, Lamed, Dalet - For protection from the Evil Eye Mem, Hei, Shin - For Spiritual and Physical Healing Lamed, Aleph, Vav - For cleansing our environment from darkness and negativity Hei, Hei, Ayin - For unconditional love and creating harmony Samech, Aleph, Lamed - For prosperity and good fortune Kaf, Hei, Tav - For defeating negative energy, stress, sadness and pain