14K Gold OM Necklace, Authentic Yoga Ohm Pendant, Gold Om Charm Solid Yellow Gold, Fine and Dainty

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Original Sacred Yoga Om (Ohm) Necklace This beautiful, very unique Original Om (Ohm, Aum) pendant is a powerful inspirational meditation tool ; it is made of 14K solid yellow gold. The pendant comes with 18 inch (45 cm) 14k fine gold chain. Size of the charm is 3/4 inch (20mm) . The sound of "Aum" - the slow, calming chant many associate with the word, is the sound that was made when all of creation came into existence. The essence of the universe and all creation, wrapped up in one unimaginable and indescribable aggregate (for lack of a better term), is known as Brahman. The "Om" represents the four divine states of Brahman - metta (loving kindness), karuna (compassion), mudita (sympathetic joy), and upekkha (equanimity). Brahman is actually a core belief system in both Hinduism and Buddhism, both of which use Om regularly in their daily life.