Stay Young and SUP: Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or SUP as it is more generally referred to, is a relatively new sports trend today. SUP enthusiasm is increasing greatly from year to year, making its popularity a sure guarantee that paddle boarding is a sport that is here to stay.  The equation of simplicity, diversity, and health benefits of SUP make it a recipe for success – especially for those of us that care about staying healthy and staying young.

Simplicity of SUP

Not to sound sarcastic, but, really, all you need is a body of water! Of course, you need the board and the paddle, but you don’t need any other expensive equipment and you don’t have to have a partner or join a team.  SUP groups are a wonderful way to mingle, socialize, and meet people with similar interests, but it’s not a necessity.  So, you ask WHO can SUP? The answer is anyone! Age is just a number, so anyone that can swim can SUP. Oh, and did I mention that it’s EASY to learn? Really easy; there are certain techniques that more experienced paddle boarders pick up along the way, but it is a sport that does not take years to achieve novice status.


Health Benefits of SUP Baddle Boarding


Diversity of SUP

Whereas with traditional surfing surfers must have waves, SUP is a different story. Paddle boarding has so many diverse variations to choose from - ranging from fitness, racing, sightseeing, and fishing as well. There is quite a growing community of SUP yogis and yoginis – imagine the calm of downward dog, tree pose, and namaste on a paddle board on the water…yoga heaven! As far as water goes: lakes, rivers, seas, oceans and even flooded post-hurricane streets…flat water, river rapids, and waves – anything wet!


SUP Paddle Board Yoga

Health Benefits of SUP

Staying in shape makes everything else in life easier – including aging.  While a hard workout can be achieved with paddle boarding, it is a sport that is much easier on the body (especially the knees) than regular wave surfing or kite surfing.  Basically, your chosen body of water is what dictates the level of workout – a flat lake or a windy, choppy day on the ocean. Just one early morning hour of SUP time can de-stress the entire day. Physical activity outdoors combined with the calm of nature and water gives an incredible serotonin boost (the natural “feel good” hormone that fights stress and depression).  Paddle boarding, and especially SUP yoga, are amazing for increasing balance and focus – while strengthening core muscles and building stamina. It’s a sport that increases endurance while remaining gentle on knees, muscles, and joints.  If you want to combat any potential midlife crisis, just get OFF the couch and ON the board!


SUP Paddle Board Physical and Mental Benefits

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